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Interested in a new bathroom? Updating for a fresh look or time for a new style of bathroom suite? Well save time searching for bathroom/ washroom showrooms and stockists in your area and let us help find a few for you. From porcelain bathroom tiles to modern suites, glass or mirror cabinets to wooden bathroom accessories, marble bathtubs, steel soaking tubs and more!

Perhaps you just need a new showerhead to replace the faulty one that leaks? Or simply a shower curtain, toilet roll holder or toilet brush! From shower trays to LED down lighting that’s waterproof, we have the stockists you need – saving you time searching on Google or Bing, or wandering around the area looking for bathroom suppliers.

What Should you consider when replacing a bathroom?

Usage: Do 2 people struggle to use the bathroom at the same time? Get a double sink! Have you had more than 1 bath per month? If not, how about just fitting a deluxe shower cubicle – which saves water and space. This can increase the space in your bathroom to move around, store towels or allow a storage unit for other items. You can even get a body jet hydro shower!

Luxury: Would you like the bathroom to be more than just functional? How about a waterproof television set at the end of your bath, so you can soak away in bubbles while catching up on your latest show? Even more luxurious – get the Spa feeling at home and include a hydromassage whirlpool bath. There are high maintenance and cost much more than a conventional bath, so be sure to only install one if you will use it at least weekly.

Safety: Adding a fold down shower seat, some extra grab handles in the shower, or buying a bathtub with easy access handles is a great idea for those getting older! Stylish alternatives are available to keep the look of the bathroom luxurious. How about a non-slip surface in the bathtub or shower tray? If you’re going for a tiled shower floor, ensure the tiles in the shower area are non-slip.

Practicality: Adding a special coating to bathtubs and glass shower screens can make the water run off easier and reduce the cleanup required after bathing.   Think about incorporating a step by the bath if it helps access for younger or older generations. Do you shave in the bathroom with an electric shaver? How about incorporating a charging point socket, which can either be on display or hidden.

Lighting: this makes such a big difference! Use LEDs to save money on electricity bills but make sure you get the warm white LED lights, for a warmer glow. You should incorporate a spot light above the main bathroom mirror and some kind of lighting on each side if possible. Or go ultra luxury and also incorporate a pull out face mirror with integrated lighting.

Interesting Ideas: If the space is small and you don’t mind everything getting wet, you could create a ‘wet room’ where the whole floor acts as a waterproof water catcher and you can shower and get everything wet – do be aware this requires a lot more cleaning time though! How about adding some real furniture to your bathroom , such as a luxurious chair (get it sealed to protect from damp), or an architectural feature such as a fireplace with working fire! It’s all possible if you find the right professionals. Sign up on our Contact page for details.